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5 Ways to Use Extra Credit

Extra credit is a taboo subject in education. Some teachers go overboard with extra credit, and some teachers don't believe in it. I am a FIRM believer in rewarding students that go above and beyond and using extra credit as a tool to keep my students fully engaged. LOOOOOOOONG are the days when students ask me, can I get an assignment to get my grade up! We earn extra credit along the way. I reward thinking while rewarding correct answers as well. Extra credit can be used to bring out the best in students. But ultimately it boils down to how your classroom environment truly is. Here are 5 ways to use extra credit: 1) It’s for making connections. 2) Make sure you allow for think time. 3) Give everyone a chance to earn it (No hogging). 4) Differentiate – critical thinking 5) Again, how is your classroom culture? If you like what you see, share! If you don't like it, share it!

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