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These Algebra 1 tasks are a few I created during a summer professional development.  These tasks are challenging so scaffolding is encouraged. You can use the entire lesson or use parts of it to support your lesson.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  

Payless Vs Enterprise Task


A1 = Algebra 1,  M8 = 8th grade math

These are lessons I have built in Nearpod.  Feel free to use them! Nearpod is an amazing teaching tool in the classroom! 

Linear Inequalities (A1):

Systems of Linear Inequalities (A1):

Polynomial Quiz, Special Products, & Factoring Quiz (A1):

Compound Inequalities Lesson (A1):

Relations & Functions Lesson (M8): 

One Step Word Problem Lesson (M8):

Two Step Word Problem Lesson (M8):

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